Sodium Carboxy Methyle Cellulose (Sodium C.M.C.)

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Sodium C.M.C is prepared from cellulose by treatment with alkali and monochloro - acetic acid or Sodium monochloro acetate (sodium saltof MCA). Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose is an anionic water soluble polymer derived from cellulose.

It is odour less, taste less and nontoxic. it is soluble in water ,it is a free flowing white to off-white powder. Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is suspending agent, Viscosity increasing agent, pharmaceutical aid, Tablet excipient. CMC is used primarily in foods, drugs and cosmetics, emulsion stabilizer, thickener and to improve texture. The main applications of technical grade are in textile warp sizing and paper processing. CMC is also used in detergent as a antiredeposition agent, textile warp-sizing aid, adhesives, latex paints and polishes. It is also used in detergent , Insecticides ,oil well drilling operation, Paper Industry, leather, paint, foundry ,ceramic industries, welding electrodes, pencils and crayons, Explosives and plywood.


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