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Shiv Chem Industries is a partnership firm , established in 1987. It is registered under small scale industries (SSI Unit).It is located at Ahmedabad , Naroda GIDC. Company is manufacturing EDTA, EDTA salts, NTA and Sodium mono chloro Acetate (SMCA). Products are used by a wide spectrum of industries like Agrochemical, Paper, Rubber, Lather, Agriculture, Cosmetic, Paint, Rayon, Electroplating, Pharmaceuticals, soap and detergents, Textiles etc. Shiv chem. Industries has earned a name of being a quality supplier . We have a team of trained and qualified Customer Care professionals too.

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We are leading manufacture and Exporter of EDTA acid. In fact we are the largest manufacturers of EDTA and it's liquid and powder. We produce a complete range of EDTA products. EDTA is a chelating agent or sequestering agent. It is synthetic amino acid. EDTA Acid is a White free flow powder.It is insoluble in water. It is also called EDTA pure acid, EDTA and Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid. EDTA is used in textile industries ,pharmaceuticals ,paper industries, rubber industries, electroplating industries, photography industries, leather and paint industries.

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We are member of COMMON EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT (CETP) where we dispose off the effluent after being primary treated at our factory, for further secondary treatment. We are member of NARODA ENVIRO PROJECT LTD (NEPL), where we dispose of solid waste sludge at the NEPL site. We have consent for manufacturing the product form GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD (GPCB) for solid waste, effluent waste and air. We are also Registered in MULTI STAGE EVAPORATOR PROJECT – CSP (Zero discharge ) also called MULTI EFFECT EVOPARATOR(M.E.E)

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