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Edta Trisodium Salt

Description :

EDTA TRISODIUM salt is manufactured by reaction of EDTA acid , DM water and Caustic flakes at higher temperature .EDTA TRISODIUM salt is a white free flow powder.It is soluble in water. It is also called TRISODIUM EDTA .It is used in is used in textile industries ,Detergent, soap ,pharmaceuticals ,paper industries, rubber industries, electroplating industries, photography industries, lather and paint industries.

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CAS # 105-38-9
Chemical Formula C10H13N2O8Na3 2H2O
Physical Appearance Powder
Color White
Active Ingredient Na3EDTA2H2O
Molecular Weight 358.18 g/mol
Active As Content 99 ± 1 % AS EDTA TRISODIUM
Active Content As Edta Acid 72 ± 1 %
Chelation Value 245 ± 1
pH In 1% Saturated Solution 6.00 TO 8.00

Applications :

  • Textiles (Bleaching, Dying, kier boiling &scouring)
  • Soap and detergents
  • Pharmaceuticals (Antioxidant synergist Antibacterial synergist, Anticoagulant)
  • Paper industries and pulp industries
  • Electroplating industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Photography industries
  • Lather industries
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Paint industries
  • Rayon industries
  • Pigment blue, Polymerization
  • Industrial cleaning


  • Colorless
  • Water Soluble
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