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Calcium Edta

Description :

A high grade of Calcium EDTA acid is manufactured by Shiv Chem industries since 1987.We are leading manufacture and Exporter of Calcium EDTA.CalciumEDTA is manufactured by reaction of EDTA acid, Caustic Flakes and calcium oxide at higher temperatue. EDTA calcium Disodium promotes flavor retention, reduces discoloration, and prevents vitamin C degradation. It also stabilizes preservatives like sodium benzoate. Pharmaceutical industry.Disodium EDTA And Calcium Disodium EDTA are employed granting excellent control over undesirable metal ions and contributing to maintain full activity of labile ingredients in preparations, also serving to stabilize color , flavor, vitamin B and C. Canned Fruits and vegetables : Prevent discoloration and maintaining natural color. also used in Agriculture , Horticulture and fertilizer industries.it is also known as EDTA Ca , Chelated Calcium, Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid Calcium-disodium complex , Edetate calcium disodium, Calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra acetate


Calcium EDTA should be stored in a cool dry place. Keep away from water.In case of fire, do not use water. Use a dry chemical extinguisher


Calcium EDTA and its strong solution causes serious irritant to eyes and skin. While handling this product, please wear goggles, gloves, rubber boots .In case of large wash it with plenty of water .In case of injury to skin, drench it with water and then wash thoroughly with soap and water. However looking to the seriousness of each case, medical attention must be obtained.


This is packed in 25 kgs laminated HDPE bags with one polyethylene liner or as per customers requirement

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General Specifications

CAS # 62-33-9
Molecular Formula C10H 12 CaNa2O8
Physical Appearance Powder
Molecular Weight 374
Purity98.00 Minimum
% of Ca 10.00 % Minimum
pH In in 5 % 6.00 to 8.00
SolubilitySoluble in water

Applications :

Accommodates cells metabolism. Improve the plants ability of resisting disease, drought.It is also used in Pharmaceuticals as Antioxidant,synergist,Antibacterial,synergist,Anticoagulant.Used in Electroplating industries, Photography industries, Agriculture, Cosmetic industries ,Pigment blue, Polymerization.Ca-EDTA is a preservative,Sequestrant flavouring agent.It is used to maintining clarity,protecting fragrance components, stabilizing polymeric thickners and colour additives,preventing rancidity and increasing preservative effectiveness.It is used to stabilize solutions of ascorbic acid. Clinically Calcium disodium EDTA are used for the diagnosis and treatment of heavy metal poisoning, including exposure to lead, vanadium and cadium


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